Widya Mandala is one of the Indonesian oldest Institution, founded in 1958. We always continue to strive to help the world to reach the Great Harmony by following the Widya Mandala Great Principle.

When the Great Principle prevails, the world is a commonwealth in which officials are selected according to their wisdom and ability. Mutual confidence is promoted and good neighborliness cultivated. Hence, people do not regard only their own parent and children, but regard the parents and children of others as well. Provision is secured for the young. Helpless widows and widowers, orphan and the lonely, as well as the sick and disable, are well cared for. Men and women have their respective occupations and homes. They do not like to see wealth lying idle, yet they do not use it for their own gratification. They despise indolence, yet they do not use their energies for their own benefit. In this way, selfish scheming are repressed, and robbers, thieves and the lawless no longer exist, and there is no need for people to shut their outer doors. Happiness and prosperity for the people, tranquility and the great harmony are prevailed.

To reach such a state, we continue to strive to create social and academic environments in which outstanding people, students and scholars from around the world are continually challenged and inspired to do their best possible work.

I am pleased to welcome you to Widya Mandala. I hope that you will find your stay both enlightening and enjoyable.

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